Develop an institutional research culture characterized by excellence, competence, supportive, and strong commitment from the faculty, non-teaching personnel and students in conducting relevant and pertinent researches and studies.


Engage the academic community in research that enhances professional practice and fosters local, regional, and national development.

This could be achieved through the following determined effort:

  • Articulate research as an integral element in all curricular offerings;
  • Develop a clearly stated research agenda anchored on the institution’s vision and mission, and are responsive to the professional, local, and regional needs;
  • Develop and implement training program that would strengthen research skills among faculty, non-teaching personnel and students;
  • Conduct research studies relevant to the institution and community’s needs;
  • Provide research-related services to the school and community;
  • Promote partnership and collaboration with HEIs and other research institutions, local, regional, national, and foreign as well as with the industry and private laboratories for the conduct of research;
  • Collaborate with GO’s and NGO’s in conducting research;
  • Disseminate research outputs through a forum, or publication in refereed journals


  • Weave the research culture into the fabric of St. Mary’s College of Tagum, Inc.
  • Produce quality multidisciplinary researches to be utilized for institutional, local, and global purposes
  • Develop exceptional researchers with strong partnerships with other institutions and organizations
  • Contribute to the institutional progress and development through research-based interventions

Services Offered

  • Research works on institutional activities, programs, curriculum, management, assessing procedures/protocols, physical plant area, etc…
  • Funding of Institutional Researches 
  • Organizing research activities (forum, congress, defense, etc…)
  • Research consultations for institutional stakeholders and areas
  • Publication of Institutional Researches
  • Publication of Undergraduate and Graduate Researches


  • 3 Faculty members represented the SMCTI in 2021 Madayaw Research Conference
  • Participated as a co-organizer and presenter in the 3rd PAGE X and CODGE XI International Multidisciplinary Research Congress (2021)
  • Awarded/Granted Institutional Membership on Asia-Pacific Consortium of Researchers and Educators, Inc. (2020-2023)
  • Participated in the 2018 Research and Development Expenditures and Personnel Survey
  • Delegated in the International Research Conference (IrCon) 2018