The Religious of the Virgin Mary, aligning itself in one mind and heart with the mission of the church, has as its philosophy of education to work for the growth of the people of GOD and building of GOD’s kingdom.

The College of Law will provide students with means to acquire knowledge, understanding and intellectual abilities for him/her and develop into a qualified professional lawyer.

Having completed the four-year Bachelor of Law, the prospective graduate is expected to:

Live the Christian faith and be a witness to the values of Christ in himself/herself, in his/her interaction with others in the community;
Prepare students for the practice of law;
Produce especially members of the legal profession of competence and integrity with an awareness of the needs of deprived and oppressed sectors of society;
Train persons for national leadership; and
Contribute toward the promotion and advancement of justice and the improvement of its administration, the legal system and legal institutions in the light of the historical and contemporary development of law in the country and in other countries of the world.