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1522 Basic Education
2595 Tertiary Education
111 Juris Doctor
  • How do I know the details of the different programs offered in your school?

    Please refer to the different FB page links found at the upper menu button of this website.

  • What will be the mode of instruction for this semester?

    In delivering the lessons, we will be implementing the BLENDED LEARNING APPROACH which includes the use of online educational platforms, printed modules, and asynchronous learning materials for more flexible and individualized learning.

    Learning Modalities: IMFLEX Learning Model

  • Is there any tuition fee increase?


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    St Mary’s College of Tagum, Inc. is now a member of The EdukCircle - International Centre for Communication Studies. With…
    July 13, 2022
    St Mary’s College of Tagum, Inc. is now a member of the Philippine Society for Quality! With continuous quality improvement…
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