• The nursing skills laboratory is a well-lighted and well-ventilated area. Its demonstration room and practice area for return demonstration have an area of at least 8m. x 14m. or 112 sq. m.
• The nursing skills laboratory simulates major areas in hospital setting and equipped with basic instruments, equipment and supplies, that aid in the development of the competencies in performing nursing procedures.
• Specifically, the nursing skills laboratory has the following components:
– An amphitheater-type lecture room which can accommodate a maximum of 48-50 students at one time;
– A demonstration room which adequately accommodates 8 beds allowing the same number of students to perform Return Demonstration at one given time. The demonstration room also contains lavatory and running water;
– A 1:2 bed to practicing students ratio or a practice area for return demonstration where there is one (1) bed to two (2) students at any given time;
– Two (2) doors which serve as an entrance and exit; and
– A fire extinguisher placed outside the door with a record of refill and expiry date attached to the unit.

The Nursing Skills Laboratory provides a supportive and caring environment for students to practice and demonstrate desired competencies.