The Management Council is a standing committee of St. Mary’s College of Tagum, Inc. that oversees the operation of the entire institution in terms of performance, policies, programs, financial and business matters. Form part of the functions of the Management Council are the following:

– recommends to the Board of Trustees, through the President, policies and programs on administrative matters;
– ensures the implementation of policies and programs, specifically the Ignacian Formation Program for students, faculty and non-teaching personnel; and
– discusses financial and business affairs of the school.

SY 2023-2024

S. Maria Marilou B. Madronero, RVM – School Head
S. Maria Leonila A. Celestial, RVM – Vice President for Finance
Dr. Gina M. Oracion  – Vice President for Academic Affairs
Atty. Daniel C. Besina Jr. – Dean of Juris Doctor Program
Dr. Perla C. Padro – Dean of Graduate Education Programs
S. Maria May N. Moran, RVM – Principal, Basic Education Department
Mrs. Rolinda B. Flojo, MBA – School Registrar
  – Scholarship Coordinator
Dr. Neil Ryan B. Ado, LPT – Director, Research and Publication Center